Katie McCabe

Writer and editor for print and online media

Photoshoot V&A

Photoshoot: Pearls at the V&A

As part of a feature on the Pearls exhibition at the V&A, I organised and directed an exclusive fashion shoot inside the V&A museum in the small hours of the morning for The Resident and The Mayfair Resident magazine covers. All photographs by Charlie Clift, see more of his work here. View the print feature here: Pearls at the…

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The Debrief

How To Live With An Ex, The Debrief

I was commissioned by The Debrief to write about the modern phenomena of ‘cohabiting exes’ — young couples who are left with no alternative but to live together post break-up as a consequence of excessively high rents. I told the stories of three Londoners (including myself) who had cohabited with an ex and lived to tell the…

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The Secret World Of Young Vets, VICE

VICE UK commissioned me to write about the secret world of young vets, and I happily obliged. I spoke to two overworked London veterinarians about their encounters with intersex rabbits, an immortal goose and a cat that had a bad experience with heroin. The piece was also picked up by VICE US. View it here. For…

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Zaha Hadid by Steve Double

Architect Zaha Hadid Interview

For The Resident, The Hill Resident and SW Resident magazines, I interviewed architect Zaha Hadid about her design for the Women Fashion Power exhibition. She told me about her love for Brutalist architecture and her grim but happy memories of Southwark in the 70s. View the piece online, or see it in print here: Zaha Hadid…

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See Amsterdam Through The Eyes of Van Gogh

When I picture Amsterdam these days, it’s not drifting plumes of smoke that spring to mind, but the sinuous yellow lines of Van Gogh’s Wheat Harvest paintings. I had never been taken with the artist’s work, but a visit to the recently refurbished Van Gogh museum offered a whole new perspective on the troubled Dutch…

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Wine, But Not As You Know It: Les Sources de Caudalie, Bordeaux

For those who are out of the wine tourism loop; when picturing a wine trip, you might envision something a little something like Paul Giamatti in Sideways; jumping from vineyard to vineyard in overbooked tours, quietly forgetting to use the spittoon at each tasting. But at Les Sources de Caudalie, near Bordeaux, they do things…

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Ross Sutherland Interview, Ideastap

Ross Sutherland is a poet, performer, workshop leader and member of poetry “boyband” Aisle 16. This week, he launched his documentary Every Rendition on a Broken Machine, which is about computer-generated poetry, at the Edinburgh Fringe. He talks to Katie McCabe about collaboration, paying the bills and moving home…View the published article here. When I was 18…

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Peggy Seeger photo by Ursy Potter

Peggy Seeger Interview

This piece was commissioned by Folk Radio UK to mark the 50th anniversary of the final BBC Radio Ballad, a series of groundbreaking music-focused radio documentaries. Folk singer Peggy Seeger looks back at a project which saw her climbing through coal shafts in Durham and recording the experiences of polio sufferers. View the published article here. There’s nothing that can…

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